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    The more progressive a society becomes, the more tricks and gimmicks come up with a person.
    This thesis can be projected on any field of activity, but the closest would be carding. Of the many
    films, while others experienced on his experience, we can say that before to get “easy” money
    people rushed to banks, and simply rob them. Now there is no need to make noise and not only shoot but also sometimes come to the bank to obtain funds.
    In our time, is sufficient to obtain the information from the card. Implement possible in several
    ways, which include: the dump and PIN’a card virus programs, etc.


    You can not start work without an understanding of what constitutes a plastic card. Let’s start
    the story all in order. You probably know that there are different kinds of cards: chip, magnetic
    stripe, the Ivory Coast and others. In general terms, they can be divided by the data processing
    and recording methods:
    magnetic cards (cards with magnetic stripe);
    contact and contactless chip cards (cards with an integrated chip);
    barcode cards (cards with a bar code);
    Printed / embossed cards (with the application of information by thermal or embossing);
    Most often, we are interested in the chip or magnetic cards, because
    that’s what they used payment systems. The cards have a size which is
    called the ID1 and is 85,6h53,98h0,76 mm. The front of the card is called the obverse, and on it are placed the card number, the chip payment system, and logo of the issuing bank information. On the other side, called the reverse, often there is a strip for the signature and magnetic stripe. In addition, standards are fixed embossing zone information. For example, the string with the identification number is located at 20 mm from the
    bottom edge of the map and at the same time can not exceed 19 characters. Immediately below it
    is a zone for applying data cardholder (cardholder) and Expire Date (the expiration date of the
    card). Apart from stamping, using thermal printing, which is a print on the card due to the
    thermal diffusion method (with logo drawing). Information data recorded in this way, it is virtually
    impossible to erase.


    It would be unfair not to mention in the article provided on-chip cards because they are widely
    used by Russian banks. This type of card is divided into 2 types:
    contactless chip cards;
    Contact cards are on the front side (obverse) “pocket” for the location of the chip. This chip
    module special glue is applied, after this operation, the chip is glued in the “pocket”. The chip is a
    microcomputer that processes the incoming commands (which is why these cards and have the
    name of the smart card). It is a protected area of memory in which information is encoded secret
    keys. Constantly is improving chip manufacturing technologies. With regards to the Ivory Coast
    (contactless chip cards), inside their perimeter is an antenna that allows cards to conduct the data
    exchange with the card reader by means of radio frequency. Add immediately that this article will
    not be described how a fake chip card because the card chip decoding is not everyone’s strength , and decoding technologies are kept secret.