We Are Anonymous

We are a CyberFoxes Community, We are a group of hackers operating for the longest time on the internet. Probably you’ve heard from us already!
We are sick and tired from all the scams we’ve seen on the internet for the last few years… So we decided to be an example of how it should be.

Over the course of the past few years we gathered alot of resources and connections. Now we’re willing to share our supply with the good fellows around.

Too good to be true you might think?

Well.. certainly not! We need to get rid of our supply and we’re willing to exchange our products for a much lower price as their value.
This is exactly what you need, no strings attached. Our products are 100% safe and reliable.
We want to create financial independency for people. We hate that everyone financial depends on banks, the gouverment and other financial institutions.
Just like you, we all are honest and hardworking people who want to improve their personal financial situation.

We offer financial products for a fair price, also we can provide a custom webshop on the darknet and some hacking services.

We only deliver the best quality available at the moment. That’s our Legends’ Promise!

We are Anonymous
We are Legend
We will not forgive
We will not forget

Looking for a way to get rich

It all began in 2016. We were just a group of fools looking for a way to get some cash. You know how it usually looks like – we invested some cash on FOREX (and lost it), we invested some into Bitcoin (and took it out in a bad time), we tried pyramid schemes (and never suceeded). Some day one of us jumped onto TOR, we felt like we finally found a gold machine: cloned cards, money transfers, cheap store sales. But it wasn’t so simple.

Scams, scams, SCAMS

We were ready to risk, we’ve done it before, we’ve lost our money many times already. But what happened then was ridiculous. Only one single order from seven that we’ve done happened to be legit. And it was a Fucking Glock 17. Even cocaine and marijuana didn’t come. Owner of carding site sent us such a message: “Another fucking idiot, you got SCAMMED”. We would never come back to TOR if this Glock wasn’t real. But we’ve actually earned $150 on it because Glock 17 cost about $200 and we sold it for $350.

Good research is a basis

Did you hear about placing credit card skimmers on ATMs? We’ve heard about it on media, we were convinced that they have to sell all those cards somewhere. Carders from first advert on TORCH scammed us but we tried to look deeper. We found great TOR forum on Reddit, one user sent us its address. And here we bought the first working cloned card. Card got blocked after first transaction (and had a $100 transaction limit) but it happened – “IT’S REAL!!! LET’S GET FUCKING RICH”.

Hacker selling data?

You probably guess how we started, making little deals, buying cards, drugs. However, hunger grows fast. We wanted more cash. And we got a proposal. “I’ll send you a package of 352 hacked PayPal accounts for 5 BTC”. We were discussing this shit so hard, it was so risky. Yes, we bought it. Yes, it was REAL. Some of them were empty, some of them with 5-10 dollars. Some of them with REAL BIG cash (up to $2000!). We couldn’t cash it all out so we sold some of those accounts on the same forum we were buying stuff before. We transformed into sellers.

Here we are, don’t turn away now

It grew pretty fast. We could cooperate with bigger clients, money we made we invested in real-life businesses so we were able to wash money earned in darknet. And here we are – we decided to join TORCH to break this fucking scamming market. We believe that good reputation may spread even to clearnet. We believe that we may affect all of this. We ain’t hackers, we’re still just a group of fools. But know we are Team CyberFoxes Community – because we’re tired of scammers.

Expect Us

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Remember that using our services is partialy illegal - you do it on your responsiblity. We've never heard about any of our clients having problems with law or being harassed by PayPal, Western Union or MoneyGram but you need to be cautious. Never get too loud about money you get, jealous people may start to sniff. Also if we don't confirm that you have your own business that lets you to wash the money - we wouldn't transfer you more than $100000 per month as it would attract way too much attention. Keep safe.